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Buying On-line from Unauthorized Dealers

I wanted to follow up my previous blog article, Buying from an Unauthorized On-line Retailer, with some numbers to help reinforce my point.   It’s an important issue that I’d like all of you to be aware of. Note: if you haven’t read my previous blog entry I’d suggest reading that first.

So looking at the “Great Deal” the customer got on his JVC AVXxxx from the unauthorized internet dealer let’s break it down and see just how good it really was.

JVC AVXxxx via – internet: $400.00

JVC AVXxxx via – Sounds Good to Me: $600.00

So, you’re thrilled so far by the on-line retailer’s deal, right? But wait, there’s more!

Cost to remove JVC deck purchased thru internet: $45.00.

Cost to remove JVC deck purchased thru Sounds Good to Me:  $0.00.

Cost to re-install the JVC AVXxxx deck returned from internet web site: $145.00*
*This cost is incurred because web site required ALL harness and cables be returned meant a complete new installation because we had to remove all wiring attached.

Cost to re-install JVC deck returned from an authorized repair facility like Sounds Good to Me in Tempe, AZ, near Phoenix, Arizona: $0.00*.

*This is because we would not have to send in any cables but only the unit itself for repair or replacement keeping installation complete and simple plug and play.

Now toss in the $25.00 that an unauthorized internet dealer wants in order to return the damaged unit not to mention the $400.00 already spent on the unit and now a total loss that makes the internet deck cost $400.00 deck  + $45.00 to remove to send in repair + $145.00 reinstall when returned = $590.00. Oh and now add $25.00 for return postage plus the $400.00 already paid in even though you can’t use it and you see why this is no bargain.  You do the math. Brutal.

Yes, I know that this is a worst case scenario but it’s played out a whole lot of times more than people know, I have even run across web sites that say that any shop that installs their (the web site’s) gear should warranty it themselves.  It will be a cold day in hell before that happens, right?

I have spoken to these web sites “experts” and they will hemm and haww about all their gear being brand new so we, the authorized installer should be responsible.  Yeah, right.  So tread carefully and read the fine print about warranty issues and what is and what is not covered when buying from an unauthorized on-line dealer of car audio and vehicle electronics. It’s not the great bargain you may think it to be.

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