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Buying From an Unauthorized On-line Retailer

I want to tell you of an incident that happened recently to a good customer of ours.  I say this only as a caution and to be aware of what exactly went down from the customer’s point of view.  The customer had been shopping around for a double din DVD player for his car and really liked a JVC model that had a detachable face.  He then Googled the model number and of course found it for less than what any “authorized” JVC dealer could or would sell it for.  (Note: It’s a fact of life we authorized dealers have to live within price restrictions)

Anyway, he goes and buys it from a low baller on Amazon and gets the JVC double din DVD player shipped to him and turns out installation specialists at Sounds Good to Me car audio electronics in Tempe, near Phoenix, Arizona to do the installation.  When the unit arrived all seems to be good and begin to install the DVD player, however soon we realized that a little plastic guide that both secures and aligns the faceplate to the main body was missing/broke but or was not there.  Bear in mind the deck works perfectly except that after repeatedly removing and re-attaching the faceplate it looses it’s “snuggness” and becomes somewhat misaligned and sits untidy.

This customer, being very particular, calls the seller and explains to them the situation.  The web site sends him an email with detailed instructions on how to ship the unit back to the web seller.  It stipulated that for any type of repair it must be complete in all cartons and cables and packing materials etc., which he still had.  They instructed the customer to also double box the unit to further insulate and insure it arrive safely which both the customer and myself did.  The customer requested that we package the deck and prepare it for shipping as the web site even included a UPS pre-paid label.  However, I made sure the customer actually saw me packing the unit in both the original carton with the original Styrofoam as well as the second shipping box with another layer or two of peanuts with lots of tape.  He even commented on the overkill but I said better to be safe than sorry and to follow the directions exactly to the letter.

About 4 days later I get a call from customer, irate, who wants to email a letter that the on-line retailer just sent him which it claimed that the unit was received “damaged” and therefore unable to abide by the warranty and if he wanted the unit back he would have to pay them to ship it back to him.  They also said that he should initiate a claim with the shipper.  Wow. That’s cold.   After he calmed down a bit I asked him to ask the web seller exactly what was damaged and who signed for the package.

Secondly, because they had sent the shipping label they had to initiate the damage claim and he should find out if they took out the proper insurance because he was not given that option. So now it’s on.  A full blown, down and dirty brawl between buyer and the web site seller.

Anyway, it has not been resolved yet and as it stands he is out the money he spent on the deck and the unauthorized web retailer is no obligation to make it right.  That’s when I explained to him that’s why I wanted YOU to see for yourself the unit getting packaged and shipped with your own eyes so you know how it left.  He agreed but still hurts and is not going to let them get away with it.

I had to remind him that #1 they are not an authorized dealer so getting it repaired under warranty was not an option for them so they did the next best thing…punt. If this happens to you I suggest you take pictures and document all what you do and make sure you dot all the “i”s and cross all the “t”s when dealing with these web retailers.   This is not the first time nor will it be the last this happens but just be aware of what is happening and be aware when you buy an item below the authorized price from an unauthorized web retailer, your warranty may not be honored.

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