Howard Stern on SiriusXM Satellite RadioTo some having satellite radio in their vehicle is a “must have” while to others it’s no big thing.  There is a lot to be said for having your favorite music, talk show, news channel etc. coming to you commercial free with non stop content 24/7 beamed  via satellite for a small monthly charge.  With the advent of Sirius merging with XM you can bundle your content like you can with cable.

However, what seems to confuse most people is just exactly how to stream satellite content into your particular vehicle.  So lets concoct a few scenarios to clarify situations.

1. You want satellite and you want to keep your existing radio?

For example we sell the Sportster 5 for $170.00 the Startmate 5 for $129.95 and the little Stratus 6 can be had for $69.95 not installed.  These units are all inclusive that have the receiver, display screen and antenna and power plug in one package.  These are pretty much “plug & play” units however when we install these type units  we prefer to hide all the connecting wires and solder on power and ground leads on the lighter adapter to hide it so all you see is the reciever.  Clean, crisp and sturdy.  Depending upon the vehicle we charge between $50.00 ~ $75.00 and it takes between 1.5 ~ 2 hours.

This type of receiver plugs  into your lighter for power and has a display screen that shows you station, artist, title etc and it uses FM modulation or a direct 3.5″ mini-jack to either broadcast using FM modulation (sucks) or plug directly into your car radio (best).

PROS: very affordable, offers easy portability to be able to move from car to car or car to home, easy to install, works virtually with any FM radio*.  If your vehicle has an “aux” mini jack plug you can stream directly into you car through the “aux” jack and don’t have to mess around with the FM modulation. This is the preferred method if at all possible.  All the little

CONS: less than optimum reception using FM modulation (sucks), if you are going to use it this way (FM modulation) get a in-line antenna adapter which is hard-wired and feeds the signal directly to your radio.  This improves the quality a lot.  The sound is weak, and signal splotchy depending on your particular radio.  No open frequencies in which to tune in the satellite signal. Some don’t like seeing wires or clutter on their dash, windshield etc.

2.   Purchase a XM or Sirius receiver and have it installed into your factory satellite radio ready radio.

This would be like getting from the dealer nothing is seen and functions as if dealer installed.  At present time this choice is very limited to certain vehicles and certain models.  Call Sounds Good to Me @ 480-968-8543 and see if it is available for your vehicle.  This choice ain’t cheap either because of the interface required to emulate the factory receiver.  Around $350.00 ~ $450.00 but when you consider the dealer wants $500.00 ~ $600.00 it seems reasonable.

3.  Purchase a new radio and have the Sirius/XM receiver added on as an option.  Best choice of all.  This runs around $550.00 installed depending on the level of deck you purchase.  Bear in mind that not all decks today are satellite radio ready, be sure and check I don’t believe that there are any with the satellite “built-in” any longer.

The choices can be somewhat confusing but call or stop by and we can simplify and demonstrate the choices available to you.  No hassle, no attitudes, just friendly, easy going guys.  You’ll see.

SiriusXM Satellite Radio Service available in Tempe Arizona at Sounds Good To Me

SOUNDS GOOD TO ME in Tempe, AZ, near Phoenix, Arizona, offers the latest models with the most competitive prices anywhere.  We are also an original trusted member of the INSTALLERNET Network of certified installation facilities coast to coast.  So if you happened to purchase your satellite receiver elsewhere and have the InstallerNet card we can install it for you.  Call (480) 968-8543 for information or to set up an appointment.