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Sounds Good To Me is now offering speaker repair service in Tempe, Arizona of your original factory installed car audio and vehicle speakers. Let me tell you why we recommend services in speaker repairs over replacement with aftermarket speakers.

Take Toyota for instance. Toyota has a reputation for building outstanding vehicles.  They are dependable, reliable, and last damn near forever.  People love them.  And for good reason too.  Owners can expect many years of trouble free miles from their properly serviced Toyota’s.

Now that being said, Toyota offers a premium radio package using components from JBL that even to us selling aftermarket components sounds pretty good overall.  On some of these models they load a 7” woofer in the front doors to have the bass up front and close to the driver and passenger.  Owners really like the overall sound of the system but after a few years of use they start to sound “weak” and distorted and customers come to us asking to replace them because they believe they are blown.  But in 99% of the cases they aren’t blown it’s just the foam surround has ripped from the cone and it just vibrates instead of moving back and forth like it should.  Think of it like folding a piece of paper over and over and over where the crease just comes apart.  After years of use and moving back and forth the fold separates and that is what is causing it to sound weak and distorted.

We tried for years to replace these speakers with aftermarket speakers but met with less than stellar success due to the unique shape and dimensions of the JBL factory woofer.   So, we decided it best to repair these instead of trying to replace them with aftermarket speakers.  So, we can take these out and remove the old surround and glue on a new one that is more robust and stronger than the JBL factory surround.  The difference is truly amazing and we have received nothing but positive feedback from our customers whose speakers we repaired.

So, for $350.00 we will remove both speakers, clean and remove the old surround, install, test and reinstall both speakers making your OEM JBL Premium System sound brand new.  Considering Toyota wants to charge $375.00 to replace just 1.  Sounds Good To Me will repair both speakers for $350.00 we think that is a bargain and a service to our customers.

Please feel free to stop by or give us a call and we can answer any of your questions regarding this or any other speaker repairs you might be considering.  All our work carries a one year warranty and we use the best parts available.

Also for your listening enjoyment: NOW we are able to set up repair professional, home and car speakers:

We are happy to announce that we are able to repair most speakers for both home and car.  Be it factory or aftermarket we are set up and ready to make it happen.  Give us a call and let’s talk speaker repairs.

Sounds Good To Me car audio & video electronics and security alarm system installation specialists are located in Tempe, AZ, just south of Arizona State University’s main campus, servicing the entire metro Phoenix area. Call us at (480) 968-8543, visit us at www.soundzgood2me.com or contact us by email at soundzgood2me00@yahoo.com.

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  1. We can get you a brand new 13TW5-3 give me a call for pricing and ordering information

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