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Here is a question for you good reader…can you name an Asian Consumer Electronics Manufacturer that only makes products for one segment of the consumer electronic products?  Alpine.  Yes Alpine has always been about car products since its inception in 1978. 

While Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, JVC etc. have a car audio product line but they also offer everything from toasters to answering machines and everything in between.  Not Alpine though.  Alpine has been producing the most reliable, best sounding, cutting edge car audio products and has earned the well-deserved reputation for being the leader in vehicle audio products and their uses.  I could write a book about what “firsts” Alpine brought to market in this field of car audio.

Now with that said, you have to believe Alpine knows car audio and the 12 volt environment.  They research, test and listen closely to the trends in automotive designs and protocols and especially the burgeoning in vehicle infotainment that technology brings to the 12 volt arena.

Customers want to have the ability to move seamlessly between their terrestrial based Wi-Fi via their Smart Phone Apps and populate those into the vehicle without the use of spotty interfaces, special cords or cables AND NOT TO LOOSE ANY OEM FEATURES.  Well Alpine has led the way to provide this.

This has been the Holy Grail for the aftermarket manufactures and 3rd party interface companies for the past 5 or so years.  It’s a real bitch though because just when you think that you have a perfect product, interface etc. something like Apple changes all its devices to a completely new architecture and operating system OR the vehicle maker changes it’s firmware mid-year making your supposedly “perfect” product as worthless as tits on a nun. Yup, good for not much.  So what’s a po’ boy got’s to do?

Alpine listens closely, very closely and just like most Japanese companies move with caution and attention to every little detail and possible scenario that could possibly play out.  And when all the due diligence is done and all the committees and focus groups and research has been gathered and considered decisions are compiled and reasons for things clarified and codified Alpine showcases just how capable they are of taking an idea from concept to an actuality. Consider me impressed repeatedly reminded by the products they put out what Alpine is the crème de la crème at top of the car audio electronics game and at Sounds Good To ME in Tempe, Arizona we are proud to call ourselves an Alpine authorized dealer.

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