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Test Out Car Audio Decks BEFORE Buying them at Sounds Good To Me in Tempe Arizona

Lets say you are shopping for a new deck for your car?  So what do you do?  Start by going to the internet?  Or do you start asking your friends or even trek out to the friendly neighborhood car audio store like Sounds Good to Me?   So now your going to start “looking” and find that there are like a gazillion choices to choose from.  This is a very common scenario that is played out regularly in our store.  And you’re right too, because there are a ton of different makes and models that do everything from making your breakfast to wiping your ass.   Well, maybe I’m stretching it a bit but you get my drift.   So here is how I go about helping others decide

1.  Features, benefits, features, benefits… Ok 98% of people come in and say “I just want a deck that can play my iPod/iPhone without that lame-ass fm modulated crap.  That’s all.

To play your iPod is no problem if you just want to play it thru a wire from your headphone jack into the AUX jack on the deck.

But what about charging your iPod while it’s in the car?  Or how about being able to

CONTROL your iPod thru the deck and displaying all the artists, play lists, off the deck?  You can get those features for just a couple bucks more. Is it worth it?  Ask us, we’ll tell you fair.

What about hands free Bluetooth?  Do you want your radio to mute when you get a call, display who is calling you and having the call playing thru the speakers while you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel?  That’s available. AND most Bluetooth decks will allow you to stream any music you have on your phone into your system via the Bluetooth connection.  Look Ma .. No wires, nowhere.  It’s freakin’ magic I tell you, magic.   People love this stuff because it makes their lives just a little bit easier.  These are helpful, cool features.  Just ask me about them because I get to play with them all and I ain’t bragging but I can set any clock on any car radio made.  I can.  I LOVE this stuff.

2.  The biggest mistake people make when buying a deck is not playing with it before buying the damn thing! Please, I’m begging you play with it.  See how easy it is to navigate thru the various functions.  Is it easy or hard to use? Is the display easy to read? Are the controls laid out where they are intuitive or are they a pain in the ass?  Oh sure it looks sweet in that slick ad on the internet or in the magazine but how do I get the clock?

Buyers remorse can be easily avoided if you just play with your toys, children…You dig what I’m writing out here?  Please touch all the buttons, ask me what does this do, what is this for?  I love it when you’re engaged and excited about something you are going to be touching for a long time.  Become one with your radio…then it will speak to you and release your inner stereo self and you will know instantly that this is your deck.  This is not brain surgery or rocket science, shopping for a new car audio deck should be fun for the most part.  Relax, soak in the technology and call my ass if you have any questions.

If you read this and call me I will give the first 3 people a $25.00 gift certificate to use for any purchase if you call me or Dave and say “I read Muggs blog and want to be one with my radio” 480-968-8543

3.Enjoy yourself, life is too short to worry about things that should make you happy.

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