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Bench Test Your Car Audio Equipment Before Buying It at Sounds Good To Me in Tempe, AZ

Have you ever heard the song “Low Budget” by the Kinks?  It’s an “older” song and it talks about being downsized and on a low budget with a great hook.  Well anyway lots of us today are on a low budget and trying to get by the best we can but still want to rock out in the ride.  Totally understandable we here at the shop “get it”.

Please don’t be sheepish or coy about shopping for your car audio on the internet and digging up deals on places like Ebay or Craigslist.  Times are tough for even you millionaires, huh?  I always wanted to know what it’s like to be both rich & good looking and smart as hell to boot.  So tell me what’s it like??  The point is if you are diligent and knows what you’re looking for than you can certainly have the best in car audio that’s had a “past life”.  I’m not talking about hot gear either I’m talking about legit deals you can readily come across on the internet if you know what your looking at. The problem begins when you just ‘think’ you know what you’re looking at.

So lets say you find a diamond in the rough and email the seller and work a deal.  How do you know that you’re looking at a steal of a deal? But how do you know that Alpine INA-W900, which is sold for $900.00 and the seller is asking $500.00 but you work him down to $400.00 is as good as it seems and is working?  Or maybe that JL Audio 500/1 which your buddy paid $500.00 new just last year and you found one for $250.00 is JACKPOT?   The answer is you don’t.  But check this out; why don’t you ask the seller to meet you here at the shop and for a small fee we can bench test the item right in front of both of you so there is no “misunderstandings”.

We bench amps and decks for $10.00 and if you want to hear a woofer in a box just lug that bastard in here and we’ll give it a shot of a couple hundred watts and see just how much life is still in those woofers, speakers, etc.

Yeah, I know hardly any shop would do this and some say were nuts but we say “it’s all good” and if we can help put good gear into good customers cars whether we sold it to them or not than that is ok by us, hey we know how tough it is out there and for a couple of bucks you can get a professionals unbiased opinion as to the condition and operation of great stuff like JL Audio, Memphis Car Audio, Boston, Alpine Amps and speakers. We won’t bust your balls or make you feel bad because I am living in a box behind the shop and piss in a jelly jar….   because your cheap ass is finding these killer deals…. Hell no!  I will welcome you into my cardboard palace and we can talk car audio.

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