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Q:  What improves the system more, installing an amplifier or a new deck?

A:   This is harder than Chinese arithmetic to answer, mainly because there really is no right or wrong answer.  However, let me ask you some questions first; 

Is the reason you want a new deck because…

a) it does not work?

b) it works but won’t let me connect to my devices.

c) It sounds like crap?

d) All the above?

e) Other reasons?

By adding a good amplifier like Alpine, JL Audio, Memphis, Boston it doesn’t just make your music louder it makes music MORE CLEAR,  the amplifier will allow you to hear more detail in the music at lower volumes with way less distortion.  There is so much upside for installing an amplifier now days especially now because of the size.

Hell the newer JL Audio series or the Alpine series can damn near fit anywhere and they are very efficient and sound killer.  Now some of these can run upwards to $450.00 ~ $600.00 installed but what a difference they make.  Day and Night. But everyone is different and there is nothing “set in stone.”

Bear in mind that, yes, amplifiers cost the most of the components of an audio system but they are also the engine that drives it.  Remember, when you are thinking about amps bear in mind the cost of the amp kits and other parts that might be required to install it.  On average you can expect to pay anywhere from $50.00 ~ $100.00 for the various parts.  It ain’t cheap but it is so worth it when done right.

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