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By Mugs

Let me draw you up a scenario laying out the reality about upgrading from your new ride’s factory settings. So, you slide into an auto dealership, any dealership for the most part, and work out a great deal on a new ride. Yeah baby you’re loving life and all is good with your world.

Three weeks into the relationship it’s Friday and you’re wanting to rock a favorite song or playlist and start to sing along when you notice just how “thin” the speakers sound. Not bad really, just “thin” or “vanilla” no warmth or timbre at all. So, you say no problem I’ll swing by Sounds Good To Me in Tempe AZ near Phoenix Arizona and have Dave or Mugs install some upgrades and you’re rolling. Back in the day that was the solve. That was how it was done.

Got bad news for you. Them days be no more my friend, them days be gone, long gone.

So, you come rolling up in your new ride all happy and bouncy thinking, hell, I just need some replacement speakers because everyone knows factory speakers don’t cut it. Hells bells everybody knows that! Whatcha got?

You talking to me? Speakers I have speakers on top of speakers for you…BUT here is the rub. You see your new ride comes with its very own amplifier too. Yes it do. A very “special” amp it is too I explain. It’s so damn special that each speaker has its very own channel all to itself and the amp is preset from the factory to send only certain, specific frequencies to each speaker. Where aftermarkets can sound damn good playing most all the frequencies not just those from the amp, those frequencies are intended for THOSE particular speakers not aftermarkets you dig? There is no question that the aftermarket speakers will sound 100 times better than factory speakers IF GIVEN A FULL RANGE OF FREQUENCIES, and not some narrow ass band-passed frequency.

WTF! You’re telling me I can’t do better installing aftermarket speakers in my new ride? Is that what I’m hearing from my car audio guru? Yes and no. Yes aftermarkets will sound for sure, “different,” but “better,” is relative to what you consider “better”?

If I knew that the front speakers were receiving a full range of frequencies (20hz ~ 20khz) than it’s a no brainer of course they will crush the factory speakers easily, no contest. But now the reality is each speaker in the vehicle derives its signal from a discrete amp channel that is very limited as to what frequencies of the total frequency band they are to receive. That’s what really blows too. It’s rare now to get a vehicle in the install bay that isn’t set up like this too.

Come on man, there has got to be a work around for this? Oh sure we can certainly overcome these issues but they be “spendy“. How much? Well for starters we need to get a DSP processor to be able to funnel in all the factory channels to sum them together to be able to develop a flat 20hz ~ 20hzk signal that will run $400.00 plus install, then we’re going to install a multichannel amplifier to reinvigorate and rejuvenate all your new speakers in their factory locations and that will only cost you $1600.00 ish plus installation and problem solved. Easy peazy. WTF! That’s just bat shit crazy! I totally agree. But that is the reality of the situation as crazy as it sounds that’s how it is.

Let me just say I certainly don’t want to dissuade you from buying some new speakers from us. That’s the last thing I intended as I sat down to pound out this blog article but these are issues that should be made known to you as a consumer or customer. So you see why the title of the blog is “what’s a po boy gunna do“?

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