Sounds Good To Me review and demo of DEI Products SmartStart phone app by Direct Electronics for Python, Viper car alarms

Directed Electronics (the biggest alarm manufacturer in the world) has put out a great new DEI product for Python, Viper car alarms; the SmartStart app, an alarm/security system/navigation device that allows complete control of your car via your smart phone, unlocking your car, starting it, finding it, even being called if your alarm goes off.

Viper Smart Start App Demo and ReviewImagine all of that information being controlled by your phone using a Smart Start App. It’s the biggest new car alarm technology in the last 20 years.

SmartStart is a free app, you pay about $90 a year for the service and with this app you can do all kinds of fun things like track your car. If you want to go to alerts you can put a lock down mode on your car for speed control so if anyone is driving your car you can set up for say 80 miles an hour so someone in your car goes over 80 miles an hour it will alert you via text through the app.

How SmartStart works is if you want to start your car you can click SmartStart in your phone app then it takes about six seconds to start the car. This is really useful when it is really hot outside or really cold outside and you want to start your car before entering it with the AC or the heat already on.

If you want to turn your car off you can hit SmartStart again and your car will power off. You can lock and unlock your car and anytime your alarm goes off the app will page you.

For Viper/Python car alarms with SmartStart it usually takes about four hours to install the alarm system for your vehicle at Sounds Good to Me in Tempe Arizona. Ask us about the SmartStart feature when doing a car alarm installation for your vehicle. This is an excellent product.

By Mugs:

Are you one of those helicopter parents? Are you evil? Do you want to basically spine your kids? Well SmartStart has you covered! It will track your kids it will start your car it will put a geo-fence around your wife, your husband your kids at all times. It’s evil and it’s hidden! It costs less than $100 a year. It’s geo-fence it’s direct electronics DEI SmartStart.

If you are one of those kind of people that has to know what’s going on in her car at all times we have the product you!

At Sounds Good To Me matches all internet prices from authorized dealers and most times we can beat there prices…So come in to Sounds Good in Tempe, AZ near Phoenix, today and set you up with this handy Smart Start App for your smart phone.

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