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Alpine SPS-M600 Marine 6.5" Co-axial Speakers available in Tempe Arizona at Sounds Good To ME

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Ahoy all you boaters and side by siders we have been listening closely to all your inquiries about finding a decent 6.5″ speaker that sounds better than tissue paper on a comb and can take the elements too; Something tough, something that won’t jade or disintegrate in the sun, something that also sounds great and something that won’t break the bank.  Alpine SPS-M600 Marine 6.5″ Coaxial Speakers, available at Sounds Good To Me in Tempe Arizona near Phoenix AZ are the answer.

Alpine SPS-M600 MARINE SPEAKERS NOW $59.95 a pair or 2 pairs for $100.00!

Sound Coupon: Alpine Marine Speakers SPS – M600, $59.95 for 1 pair or 2 pair for only $49.95 each at Sounds Good To Me in Tempe, Arizona

Alpine SPS-M600 Speakers are perfect!  Use them just off deck power, no problem, they sound killer.  Use an amplifier hell yeah, they sound amazing and they include the following:

  • 35 watts RMS / 110 watts peak.
  • Ultra neat UV resistant grill so they won’t melt in July
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Water resistant cone*

* Take note here i said “WATER RESISTANT NOT WATERPROOF“. You can’t hose them while playing kid Rock at full volume, that’s a nope. All kinds of differing certifications and alphabet soup designations by Popeye or Coast Guard or whoever rates marine speakers.

We have sold these for the past few years and are without a doubt our “go-to” marine speakers because they sound so damn good and last even longer.  That being said we sell these marvels of modern technology for just $119.95 and last year at the end of the boating season marked them down to $99.95  But this year let’s rock and roll early and make a lot of folks really happy…

Alpine SPS-M600 MARINE SPEAKERS NOW $59.95 a pair or 2 pairs for $100.00!

This is not a misprint either…They won’t last long so better come on in and share in the joy!

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  1. Do you have any ALPINE SPS-M601 Marine Speakers left for $100 bundle of (4) speakers?
    Good speakers….

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