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of JL Audio C1 and C2 Full Range Speakers, available at Sounds Good To Me in Tempe, Arizona.

Review of JL Audio C1 and C2 Full Range Speakers, available at Sounds Good To Me in Tempe, Arizona.

The JL Audio C1 Full Range Speakers :

The JL Audio C-1 model speakers offer very efficient sound, great on deck power but kick ass when powered by small amp. They are designed to “drop-in” most factory speaker locations. These speakers are made of mica filled polypropylene cone, aluminum dome tweeters and built with JL quality and longevity. Learn more at

JL Audio C1 speakers in-stock :


  • C1-650: 6 ½” woofer, 50 watts. ¾” tweeter, in-line filter x/over.
  • C1-690: 6’x9’ woofer. 3/4’” tweeter in-line filter.


  • C1-650x: 6 ½” co-axial, 50 watts.
  • C1-690x: 6” x 9”, 50 watts.
  • C1-570x: 5” x 7”, 6” x 8”, 50 watts.

The JL Audio C2 Full Range Speakers:

The JL Audio C-2 model speakers are smooth as silk, offer lots of frequency and can perform great  without using an amp but are much much better if you can power them with a small to moderate amp… PARADOX: listen to them on MX soundboard, with no amp, only deck power. They sound great…BUT install them in a car with no amp and they sound 10x better?!?  I can’t explain why but they damn sure do!!! It’s a mystery.  Learn more at

JL Audio C1 speakers in-stock:

  • C2-350x: 3.5” w/ .75” tweeter, 10 ~ 35 watts.
  • C2-400x: 4” w/ .75” silk dome tweet 10 ~ 50 watts.
  • C2-525x: 5.25” 15 ~ 100 watts.
  • C2-650x: 6.5” 15 ~ 100 watts.
  • C2-690tx: 6” x 9” 15 ~ 125 watts.
  • C2-650: Components 6.5” w/ tweeter ¾”.
  • C2-075ct: ¾” tweeter.

Bench test the C1 and C2 full range speakers in-store today!  Sounds Good To Me car audio & video electronics and security alarm system installation specialists are located in Tempe, AZ, servicing the entire metro Phoenix area including Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Glendale and Gilbert, Arizona. Call us at (480) 968-8543, visit us at or contact us by email at

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