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Review of the Alpine Electronics X009-GM Receiver

Review of the Alpine Electronics X009-GM Receiver an aftermarket audio, video, navigation system with 9-inch screen. Review by Mugs at Sounds Good to Me in Tempe Arizona near Phoenix AZ.

Alpine is breaking new ground with the Alpine X009-GM receiver and is moving in a different direction than traditional manufacturers of car electronics in that from their research they believe that those who own SUV’s, and Pickup trucks are apt to enhance and upgrade their vehicles with premium accessories and are willing to spend more to get the experience they seek.  Makes perfect sense to me, except for those damn trailer hitch “balls” that hang down from trucks you know they look like a nut sack hanging down them.  But anyway leave it to Alpine to be the 1st to offer a complete “WHOLE OEM COMPATIBLE” real upgrade.

Review of the Alpine Electronics X009-GM ReceiverThe 9″ screen on the Alpine X009-GM is stunning and that’s when it’s off.  Turn it on and you feel like WOW, does it look incredible because it does!  It has a complete GM perfect match radio bezel that fits like it is OEM and the color match is spot on.  And I do mean spot on.  It takes you back because it looks so “factory” but nothing ever factory ever looked half this good, this looks Bill Gates type rich, with class  oozing all around your dash, without shouting.  “Sweet Jesus take me” is what you’ll say when you turn it on for the 1st time.  DAMN it is so good that you maybe want to just sit and look at it while it’s off.  Really it looks that good.

But now turn it on.  BAM!  The Alpine logo quickly flashes a warm welcome and beckons you to indulge your music, data, navigation self to wherever it is you want to go because this is your magic carpet ride.  So as you slowly and lovingly feel the solid tactile touch of the controls that look EXACTLY like the factory buttons only bigger and feel much more deserving of your love and devotion.

Even the wife will quickly grow a major crush on this unit because there is absolutely no learning curve because it mimics the factory controls FLAWLESSLY.  And I mean FLAWLESSLY, it speaks of confidence and quiet strength that women seem to swoon over and covet like tickets to an Oprah Winfrey taping in Chicago.  Really, women are not the least intimidated or fearful of using or exploring the many features found on this work of technological art and 12 volt electronics.  It is supreme.  Alpine knows car audio.  That is all.

Review of the Alpine Electronics X009-GM ReceiverHow is this accomplished you ask?  Well Alpine teamed up with the engineers at iDataLink who engineer among other things the Maestro interface and produce the best protocol interfaces on the planet and together they tecked up a flashable, upgradable, completely compatible interface. The Alpine X009GM is in both total and complete Command and Control the whole damn vehicle like General Patton kicking the Nazi’s ass.  You want some A/C darling on your side? BAM, as quick and quiet as a ninja cool, cold air is happening all around you.  Happy wife, happy life.  It is just that good.  It really is.

Now of course Alpine brings to the table the best pixel count with something like 3 ga-freakin’ zillion that makes your navigation so life like you’ll ask it if it wants a Coke when you stop at Circle K. It is as easy to use as turning on your kitchen light for God’s sake.  You will laugh and cry as you discover the many cool and very intuitive features that are part and parcel of this cutting edge product.  I can’t begin to describe in detail how happy and satisfied you would be to own one of these Alpine X009-GM receivers.

The only downside is that they are only for certain GM vehicles (2007-2014). Call us for a specific vehicle compatibility matrix.  But if you are fortunate enough to own one of the specific vehicles than do yourself a favor and see what is possible and how good it looks in the dash of your vehicle.   I have one that is on display for all the world to see and be amazed at the genius Alpine has brought to market.  You will swoon like a kid getting a Schwinn Sting Ray Bike back in the early 60’s with the sissy handle bar, banana seat, with the gear shifter on the tube, and painted Orange Peel Orange and slick tires… Dude, you rode one of those and you were “That Kid”.  Remember them days?  Well lets re-live em.

The Alpine Electronics Aftermarket Audio/Video/Navigation System on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 the best is a solid 12.5!   Only Alpine has the balls to try this marketing ploy and to move away from the old and tired way of retailing,  kudos for these forward looking, smarter than Stephen Hawking, brave people.  You really owe it to yourself to see and play with this machine.  It is simply head and shoulders above and beyond anything on the market today regardless of who makes it.

Now let me tell you all this love and rockets don’t come exactly cheap either.  The whole package without installation will set you back $2500.00 and of course you are able to add other options to suit your taste and needs, but really for what you’re getting vs what it cost is a bargain.  Click here for more information. Thanks for reading.

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