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Review of the Alpine iLX-007 by Sounds Good to Me in Tempe, Arizona

OK, all you die-hard iPhone users your wait to import your iPhone into your car is finally here.  Find out why the Alpine iLX-007, iPhone, Apple CarPlay fit great together at Sounds Good to Me in Tempe Arizona. We just received the Alpine iLX-007 digital media receiver that is the first head unit to be running the much anticipated Apple CarPlay protocol. Designed exclusively to work with any iPhone 5 or newer allows you to access the apps you need without distraction or fumbling around with either the iPhone or head unit while driving. Smart thinking by Apple.

After showing tantalizing glimpses of how Apple would integrate your iPhone’s apps into a vehicle using Apple’s CarPlay protocol late last year it has finally materialized and from all the many users that have plugged their iPhone’s into our demo unit and sampled it’s capabilities and functionality have given it a overwhelming thumbs up.  So, what exactly is this and how different is it from the other head units that will work with their iPhone 5 and newer you ask?

Well it is labeled as a digital media receiver and though does not have a CD mechanism this unit was designed strictly for the use of the iPhone 5 and newer iPhone’s.  Connecting your iPhone to the Alpine iLX-007 allows for either voice or touch control of Apple apps like Maps, Music, Phone, Messages and more with familiar app icons that are large enough to actually see on the 7” capacitive touchscreen and use while driving. Again, smart thinking by Apple.

Using Siri voice commands to navigate is to most Apple fanatics almost 2nd nature now and now she can help you cruise thru the various functions and apps easily and happily as you cruise distraction free driving in the beautiful Arizona highways and byways.  No need to fumble around trying new cables or having the hassle to download any apps to get going either just plug in with your lightning cable and Siri is waiting on your beck and call.  It’s really that easy.

Being a digital media receiver the Alpine iLX-007 unit has a built in AM/FM radio, rear AUX and rear USB but no CD player, but when was the last time you used a CD?   We invite you to stop by and plug in and you too will be amazed and impressed by this partnership of Alpine and Apple as they enter the 12 volt universe.

The Alpine iLX-007 has a rear AUX and a rear USB and AM/FM tuner and is only a scant 3.5” or so deep so is going to open up many possible installation scenario’s and custom location spots in vehicles that have seemingly little or no room .  I should note that it has no CD player, but when was the last time you used a CD? We invite you to bring your iPhone 5 and newer, come plug in and see for yourself how neat the iLX-007 is and how much better your driving experience would be by having this in the dash of your car.

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