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Mobile Apps for your Smart Phone and Bluetooth Devices

Now that everyone and their grandmother (grandpa is still holding on to his Motorola brick, old codger.) know or are fairly familiar with the new “Smart Phones” and 4G network protocols these devices deliver and the countless “Apps” available not just for the iPhone/iPad users but the Droidsters, Crackberries, and all the rest of us becoming addicted to this technology.

Whether it is good or bad, useful or useless is all in the eye of the beholder, but like it or hate it they are here to stay and become more and more imbedded into our lives.  But don’t fret, folks, me and Dave and the techies at Sounds Good To Me car audio & video electronics is here to chat it all out with ya and maybe even steer you to some pretty cool and useful apps.

So as these creative minds keep coming up with all these new apps, a lot are creeping into the “mobile” realm. Hell, Pandora is kicking the hell out of XM/Sirrius because of the way the content is delivered I suppose.  But on that front, wait until the providers start capping usage and bandwidth and you can kiss those unlimited data plans goodbye as the providers eye the potential revenue and seeing the explosion of the apps requiring lots of data and bandwidth.

It’s a brave new world, and like it or not all of us are going to be offered these “wonderful” or “invasive” “good or bad” technology.  Now and in your car next year expect to see lots of Bluetooth enabled devices along with a host of downloaded apps that will do everything from telling you where the police are watching (Trappster) to the cheapest gas.  Amazing world we live and drive in. Sometimes though it drives us crazy.

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