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Q:  What is the cheapest way to improve the sound of my stock system?

A:   Buy new FRONT speakers. Front speakers will improve the sound dramatically.

For around $100.00 – $150.00 installed you can get a great pair of co-axial speakers, Alpine, Boston, Memphis, Infinity etc any of these will really make a huge difference.  Now if you need component speakers (components are separate midrange and separate tweeters) they too will vastly improve your front stage without breaking the bank.  Components can run as little as $200.00 @ pair installed like Alpine, Memphis, Boston upwards to $700.00 and higher.

Tip: if you are not planning on upgrading your system with an amplifier don’t buy the more expensive components.  These are designed to work best with more than deck or OEM amplifier power.

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6 thoughts on “What is the cheapest way to improve the sound of my stock system?

  1. Just got some alpine 10’s installed everything else stock.. Sounds amazing thank you

  2. Thank you Phillip for the comment. We sell a lot of these woofers. Great woofers for a great price. Win/win.

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