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Alpine Electronics Authorized Dealer in Tempe, Arizona

Alpine has a solid lineup for 2010 that offers Alpine quality and Alpine’s legendary durability in everything they make.   We believe that in the DVD/NAV category the INA-W900 will certainly be a winner.  It is stunning when installed and it boots up faster than most others.  The picture is flawless and navigating thru the controls is very intuitive and logical.  Alpine has moved away from the portable/dockable Navigation and this has it all built-in.  For a few bucks more check out the INA-W9OOBT same features as the INA-W900 but comes with Alpines BT-400 Bluetooth interface.  Sweet.

Alpine is really getting behind the DIGITAL MEDIA RECEIVER category in now adding the IXA-407 to the lineup.  This unit uses the same 7” screen as the INA-W900 and has built-in Bluetooth and will flawlessly transition between using your iPod/iPhone via USB or streaming audio via Bluetooth with killer album flow art.  This is for the ultimate iPod/iPhone user who wants the best playback possible in the vehicle.  It will stream video of with the brake engaged like all the others.  Alpine is betting that this category is going to be the “go to” category as they now are offering 4 head units in this category.  The IXA-W407, IXA-W404, IDA-X305S, (Pandora Control), IDA-303 are excellent sounding head units that will deliver many years of hard play without a hiccup.

For the diehard traditionalist Alpine still has in the lineup it’s CD receivers with the CDA-117 leading the charge a killer head unit with the BioLite display and the only head unit with 4volt preouts.  The stuff that made Alpine what it is today is all over these units.  They also have kept the lines “workhorse” CDA-105 in the line.  We couldn’t get enough of these because they just work.  Nicely too, I might add.  Alpine is a leader in car audio and we have been a dealer longer than anyone in Tempe and know the line inside and out.  Because we have been a dealer so long chances are we have in stock that hard to find cable or interface you need to complete your system.

Give us a call or email me and if I don’t stock it can certainly point you in the right direction to snag one.  I know how long these things last and I AM ONE CHEAP BASTARD and if all you need is a cord instead of a whole new deck than find that damn cord…call 480-968-8543 or email me and let us have a shot at your business.  You won’t be sorry.

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