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So what’s hot in 2012 for car audio? What’s trending you ask?   Well, Sounds Good To Me Car Audio Electronics in Tempe Arizona and Phoenix AZ, have been able to play with all the various makes and models at the 2012 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas I can tell you the word is….”Bluetooth” Bluetooth on this deck controlling Pandora on that deck, Bluetooth in your car and Bluetooth on your pancakes…well almost.   
Alpine is launching a slew of new sku’s and most all of these come with Bluetooth connectivity PLUS also has the Audio streaming capability.  I look for the CDE-HD138BT to be a MVP as it has a very strong feature set including HD Radio built in, 3 sets of 4 volt pre-outs, Sirius XM ready, and has Alpines upgraded BTS+ which will allow Android & Blackberry Pandora control via the Bluetooth streaming protocol.

It’s about time that some love was shown to the Android segment and it will grow ever larger as the platform becomes somewhat more standardized, but hell it’s Google and they can do whatever the hell they feel like.

Every Android phone is a whole new adventure in electronic wizardry and gadgetry and it’s damn hard to bring out a device to market only to see that the platform has changed.  Look for Alpine to really rock it hard this year.  Another direction Alpine is blazing is what’s called AlpinePerfect Fit” and what that is an industry 1st 8″ screen that is a perfect match to the vehicles interior in both fit and color.  Their plan is to have a number of various interior kits and hardware to fit 1 or 2 DVD/Nav screens and for the most popular driven models like the Chevy Tahoe, Toyota Camry etc.  It’s most likely going to be a little on the “spendy” side but hey it’s an Alpine.

Look for this magic to happen early summer.  I will write another article covering the other neat stuff coming down the pipe real soon.

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