What is the biggest mistake people make when buying a new car audio deck?

Test Out Car Audio Decks BEFORE Buying them at Sounds Good To Me in Tempe Arizona

By Muggs.

Lets say you are shopping for a new deck for your car?  So what do you do?  Start by going to the internet?  Or do you start asking your friends or even trek out to the friendly neighborhood car audio store like Sounds Good to Me?   So now your going to start “looking” and find that there are like a gazillion choices to choose from.  This is a very common scenario that is played out regularly in our store.  And you’re right too, because there are a ton of different makes and models that do everything from making your breakfast to wiping your ass.   Well, maybe I’m stretching it a bit but you get my drift.   So here is how I go about helping others decideContinue Reading »

St. Patrick’s Day Sale

St. Patrick's Day Sales and Specials in Tempe, AZ

St. Patrick’s Day is almost upon us and Sounds Good To Me Car Audio Electronics in Tempe, Arizona, near Phoenix, AZ is ready to celebrate.

March 17 means it’s time to color the city of Tempe, AZ green by saving you green in your wallet. Check out what we have in store for you:

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Car Audio Terms Defined: What does DIN, Double DIN and LOC mean?

by Muggs.

Car Audio Terms Defined:

Are you shopping for car audio via the internet and some of the terms are confusing to you?  Here is a short list of “buzz words” that I will try to explain…. Continue Reading »

The Retail Paradigm

By Muggs

The Retail Paradigm 2011 - Consumer Tips and Shopping AdviceBack in the day before the internet or smart phones the way retailing worked was a manufacturer would “anoint” a retailer to sell his brand at an agreed upon pricing schedule and the retailer in turn would be awarded some geographical exclusivity and together through various methods and channels drum up demand to increase product turnover and to return a fair profit for the manufacturer and retailer while keeping a tight control on the distribution of the product.  Continue Reading »

Bench Test Your Car Audio Equipment Before Buying It

By Muggs.

Bench Test Your Car Audio Equipment Before Buying It at Sounds Good To Me in Tempe, AZ

Have you ever heard the song “Low Budget” by the Kinks?  It’s an “older” song and it talks about being downsized and on a low budget with a great hook.  Well anyway lots of us today are on a low budget and trying to get by the best we can but still want to rock out in the ride.  Totally understandable we here at the shop “get it”. Continue Reading »

Review of the Powerall All-in-One Portable Power Bank, Battery Jump Starter, Bright LED Flashlight

By Dave

Watch Dave and Muggs Review of the PowerAll All-in-One Portable Power Bank, Battery Jump Starter, Bright LED Flashlight.

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Black Friday Sale

By Dave

Black Friday Sale at Sounds Good To Me in Tempe, AZ near Phoenix, ArizonaThanksgiving Season is upon us and with our economy stuck in neutral so Sounds Good to Me car audio & video electronics located in Tempe, AZ near Phoenix, Arizona is being super aggressive price-wise during our Black Friday sale  in hopes of stretching the old mighty dollar. Check out our Black Friday Specials: Continue Reading »

Back to School Sale

By Dave

Hey ASU, college students, staff, and all those young at heart…Welcome BACK TO SCHOOL! As the dorms reopen and classes begin, Sounds Good to Me is here for YOU with great deals on car audio electronics to welcome you back to campus with during our Back to School Sale! Continue Reading »

Summer Savings Sale:

By Muggs

Summer has certainly arrived in Phoenix Arizona and with those scorching temperatures comes scorching hot summer savings sale at Sounds Good to Me car audio electronics in Tempe, Arizona near Phoenix, AZ. Save money all summer long on the latest in Audio Electronics. Check out what we have in store for you: Continue Reading »

What’s Hot in 2012 for Car Audio

By Muggs

So what’s hot in 2012 for car audio? What’s trending you ask?   Well, Sounds Good To Me Car Audio Electronics in Tempe Arizona and Phoenix AZ, have been able to play with all the various makes and models at the 2012 CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas I can tell you the word is….”Bluetooth” Bluetooth on this deck controlling Pandora on that deck, Bluetooth in your car and Bluetooth on your pancakes…well almost.    Continue Reading »

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